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Puma golf shoes

Helmut Fischer has seen PUMA grow from its beginnings to what it is today and always felt a deep connection to the brand. Today, he's Senior Marketing ...

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Headquartered in the Bavarian region of Herzogenaurach, PUMA has more than 12,000 employees globally. Although agility and speed is central to the company’s DNA, PUMA has challenges similar to other multinational organisations. Namely, the pressures of managing a global workforce while trying to maintain the company’s brand values and culture. PUMA recognised the need to transform the way they manage HR, and embarked on a transformation programme to change the way the business manages its people.


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With multiple ageing HR systems, PUMA wanted to simplify HR processes, standardise tools, and create a platform for more agile decision making. Knoess, with experience in companies including Wella, Hugo Boss, and IBM, found the apparatus he was looking for—Workday Human Capital Management.

Puma backpack

Jan 16, 2019 ... Blog- Including Puma MY 66 Wedge, Puma MY Tennis Union Jack, Puma PUMAgility, Puma Clyde X Undefeated Luxe, ...

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Joining PUMA becomes even faster, back you're a dual student. How fast? Our dual students are here to tell you – of their study program, their opportunities and what it's like as dual student at PUMA.

Puma socks

Mar 7, 2019 ... PUMA is a German company specialising in the manufacture of apparel, footwear , and sports accessories. For 70 years, PUMA has been at the ...

Top 10 Puma Blogs, News Websites and Newsletters To Follow

“Digital transformation, like the transformation of human resources, is a buzzword, misused by many. At PUMA the intention was quite artlessly to bring the business units closer together,” explained Dietmar Knoess, global director of human resources and central services at PUMA. “Transformation should always accept a clear objective and not be carried out for its own sake. For us, we wanted to be better partners with our colleagues across the business.”

Puma energy

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Puma Golf Shoes & Apparel

With 18 years of experience in working in Japan, Shane Runyan knows the ins and outs of Japanese office culture. So, if you're bound to work at PUMA Japan, add account his helpful thoughts to your preparations.

Puma den

We have expanded our Private Reserve at Awasi Patagonia to protect the native ecosystem by protecting one its most fragile members: the puma.

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From Runner to Maker: Neil Speaight started out as sponsored PUMA athlete and that brought him to our Running Unit. Though as life is, things change and for Neil, they afflicted for the better to abound as a person.

Puma golf

Jul 8, 2019 ... awasi blog ... A film about the Awasi Puma Foundation, “The View South: Pumas in ... How did you hear about the Awasi Puma Foundation?

PUMA: A Front Runner for HR Transformation

PUMA is a German company specialising in the manufacture of apparel, footwear, and sports accessories. For 70 years, PUMA has been at the forefront of action and culture in Europe, creating products for the world’s leading sports stars, including Pelé, Maradona, Tommie Smith, Boris Becker, and Lothar Matthaeus.

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